The subjects offered in this department are:
• History and government
• Geography
• Christian Religious Education (C.R.E)
History and government is compulsory and is taught from form one to form four.
Geography and Christian Religious Education (C.R.E) are compulsory for form one and two but optional to the form threes and fours. The students choose one of the subjects for their final examination.

This is done through Continuous assessment tests and the final examination at the end of the four years. This final exam is offered by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). On passing this exam the students can proceed to other institutions of higher learning.

The department has three teachers i.e.:
1. Mr. Peter Ochora – Head of Department, teaches History and government,Geography and Christian Religious Education (C.R.E).
2. Alice Nyambura Kinuthia – Teaches Geography.
3. Solomon Muraya – Teaches History and government and Christian Religious Education (C.R.E).

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